Template source: listings_styles/_listings_style_toggle.html

{% load add_query %}
{% load i18n %}

{# Template to toggle between listing style views. Requires the following template to be included #}
{# with this one to actually do something:  #}

<span class="hidden-tablet inline-block appendright-5">{% trans "View" %}: </span>
<div class="btn-group dropdown listing-style-select">
    <a class="btn btn-large dropdown-toggle appendright-10 active-listing-style" listing-style="{{ listing_view_style }}" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#">
        {% if listing_view_style == 'listview' %}<i class="ss-rows ss-black"></i>{% endif %}
        {% if listing_view_style == 'gridview' %}<i class="ss-thumbnails ss-black"></i>{% endif %}
         <i class="ss-dropdown ss-large appendleft-5"></i>
    <ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu">
      {% if listing_view_style != 'listview' %}<li class="text-left light small"><a href='{{ request.get_full_path|add_query:"style=listview" }}' class='no-background' listing-style='listview'><i class="ss-rows"></i> {% trans "List" %}</a></li>{% endif %}
      {% if listing_view_style != 'gridview' %}<li class="text-left light small"><a href='{{ request.get_full_path|add_query:"style=gridview" }}' class='no-background' listing-style='gridview'><i class="ss-thumbnails"></i> {% trans "Grid" %}</a></li>{% endif %}