Template source: search_filters/_keywords.html

{% load i18n %}

<section id="search_filter_search">
      <h4 class="small border-bottom appendbottom-20 appendtop-0 bold appendpaddingbottom-5 uppercase">
        {% trans "Keywords" %}    {% if initial.search_terms %} <a href="{{ search_no_keywords_url }}" class="pull-right no-uppercase no-decoration"><i class="ss-delete ss-dark-grey"></i> {% trans "Clear" %}</a>{% endif %}
    {# simulate the top search bar - however note that we are only putting in here the initial keywords #}
    <div id="keyword-listing-search-filterbar" class="input-append">
        <input class="search appendbottom-0 open-sans" data-placeholder="Enter a search here" id="id_q" maxlength="100" name="q" type="search" value="{{ initial.search_terms }}">
        <button type="submit" class="btn btn-green">Go</button>