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GoBid is an answer to your fundraising needs! Our online auction platform takes the stress, cost and administrative headache out of hosting a fundraising auction event. For almost 2 decades, GoBid has been the place to bid on great deals and help raise money in support of charities, organizations and individual fundraisers. With a user-friendly design and a robust suite of account and social tools, GoBid allows you to bid from your home, your phone or on the go! Taking the online auction experience to a whole new level, offers a fun, secure and exciting shopping experience that just so happens to raise money for worthy causes. It’s like bargain hunting with heart!

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Who is behind

We’re a technology company called Socoloco with a unique approach to business. Half our time is devoted to providing our clients with well-engineered business solutions for a multitude of needs. The rest of our time is spent creating and implementing our own technologies and business ideas. Because of this balance our team of developers, social media experts and marketing professionals stay ahead of the curve and, well... we get to do some pretty cool things
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