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GC for 2 Osteopathy Treatments with David Laurin Osteopathy

GC for Two Osteopathy Treatments

I believe in assessing the whole body in order to find the true cause of your problem. From my athletic therapy background to my post-graduate studies in osteopathy at the College d'Etudes Osteopathiques in Vancouver, I have developed an approach that enables me to treat what your body needs the most.

This means I perform the therapy you need based on a detailed history taking and thorough assessment. The techniques I use vary from:

*exercise prescription to
*craniosacral therapy
*visceral manipulation
*myofascial techniques and
*spine, pelvis and joint mobilization.

About Osteopathy (DOMP)

Osteopathy has two main streams in the world: osteopathic physicians (doctors) and osteopathic manual practitioners (practitioners with a background in therapy). As a graduate of a diploma of osteopathic manual practice (DOMP), I've developed skills to assess the body in the most general sense and be able hone in on areas of decreased vitality or function.

Osteopaths have developed many techniques which have been subsequently borrowed by other professions. These include craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, muscle energy technique, strain-counterstrain and various others. The advantage of the osteopathic approach is that these techniques are not taken separately: I use whichever approach your body needs the most at the time of treatment.

About David Laurin BSc, CAT(C), DOMP
I graduated from Concordia University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science (Athletic Therapy Specialization). Following graduation, I accepted a postition as the trainer for the Banff Hockey Academy, where I enjoyed working with athletes from all over the world. In 2007, I opened Banff Alpine Sports Clinic, where I treated athletes as well as patients I saw voluneering with the orthopedic surgical team in Banff.

I've always had a passion for understanding things through and through and I felt I needed to further my training to better understand the human body. In 2008 I decided to move to Victoria to pursue a 5-year post-graduate diploma at the College d'Etudes Osteopathiques in Vancouver (more about Osteopathy below). For four years, I worked in a busy clinic, as well as with the Cowichan Rugby and Football Club and Rugby Canada. I also enjoy mentoring students of the Bachelors of Athletic and Exercise Therapy.
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