Basket of Epicure Treats

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  • Garden Herbs Metabolism Booster
  • Brewing Basket
  • Perfect Cup of teaspoon
  • Christmas Tea

Enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious items from Epicure!


Garden Herbs Metabolism Booster
56.7 g net wt per 7-day box | 4.05 g each
14-day supply (28 sticks)
Lively flavours of garlic, onion & umami dulse (seaweed).
Stir into individual servings of salad dressing, soups, rice & grain dishes
Gluten Free | Nut Free

Brewing Basket
7.5 cm (3")
Fits most mugs; includes lid.
Fine, stainless steel mesh prevents escaping tea leaves.

Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon
17.5 cm (7") / 17,5 cm (7 po)
Measure out loose-leaf tea.
Long handle for easy scooping.
Pair with the Tea for Me Mug for a nice gift.

Christmas Tea
149 g 5.3 oz
Made with real orange peel & dried cranberries.
Smells like the holidays in a cup.
Make festive cocktails or tea-based baked goods.
Flavour syrup for poached pears & pancakes.
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