Wild Refrew Seaside Cottages - One Night Stay in a 2-Bedroom Cottage

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Wild Renfrew is a resort located in Port Renfrew B.C., on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. A 2 hour drive from Victoria, Wild Renfrew offers a collection of luxury seaside cottages with a private beach, a newly updated hillside lodge with ocean views, a band new cozy hostel nestled amongst the forest and an ocean front pub with a glorious patio located between it all. The addition of an adventure centre for such activities as whale watching, kayaking, biking and hiking easily bring wilderness within reach. For outdoor gear or a memento, visit one of the two retail locations.
Retail Value $350.00
Starting Bid $80.00
Bid Increment $20.00
Bid Count 9
Shipping (Optional) $10.00
Restrictions:Subject to availability
Expiry Date:June 1, 2019
Restrictions:Not valid Dec 20 - Jan & July/Aug

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May 15, 2018