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Love art and learn from it at Arts Umbrella!

Do you have a creative child? Would you like to encourage creativity in your child? If your answer to either of these questions is "YES" then this is the package for you!

- To encourage your child to love art and learn from it, we have a $100.00 gift certificate for any of Arts Umbrella's programs, redeemable at their Granville Island studio.

What we learn from the arts, we learn for life

Art is a lifelong love that can begin young. So, Arts Umbrella has as many programs in Dance, Theatre, and Visual Arts as there are incredible ideas in a child’s mind. Which is a lot. A whole lot. And though they're interested in cultivating artists, ultimately what we do is cultivate an environment where kids can be themselves, explore their identities, and grow into strong capable people with thoughts, visions, and ideas about the world. To learn a love of art. And learn even more from it.

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Aug 22, 2018